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In October of 2001, Max Patrick Schlienger attempted to write a video game. His intention was to create a work of epic fantasy (on par with the offerings of Tolkien or Lewis) that would redefine both the genre and the medium, and catapult Max into the annals of history. Unfortunately, writer's block struck almost immediately, resulting in “Ramses the Pigeon” being penciled in as a placeholder for the protagonist's name. It was the absolute antithesis of everything the hero was meant to embody, suggesting irreverent absurdity instead of power or poise, and Max made a mental note to devise a different moniker as soon as possible.

That never happened.

Six years passed... and in that time, a humorist with a peculiar pseudonym – one that evoked images of a pharaoh rock dove – came to be associated with a popular online comic strip and a series of short animations. By 2010, Max's professional experience on numerous production crews and in several game studios had helped to hone his skills, and he took to writing his own films, novels, and even the odd piece of music. Every new endeavor was received with excitement by Max's growing audience, with much of his work going viral within hours of being made available. Throughout it all, Max cited his childhood habit of spinning wild stories from mundane events as being the motivating force behind the nearly constant stream of content that he created. He also occasionally wondered if he'd ever scribe something more serious in tone... and while that much did eventually happen, he was being paid to ghostwrite for another author at the time, so it didn't really count.

Nowadays, the name Ramses the Pigeon is recognized as an indication that readers are about to encounter something hysterical. Stories of hapless misadventure, short comedic screenplays, satirical news articles, and parodies of popular television shows have become mainstays of Max's repertoire, which he offers while operating almost exclusively under his nom de plume. This notoriety has led him to collaborate with a number of filmmakers, writing screenplays and polishing existing scripts in preparation for their production. Still, whether inspiration comes as the result of an original idea or one tossed away by someone who was finished with it, Max is perpetually ready to swoop in, find the humor, and present it to the world at large.

Most recently, Max has taken to penning both screenplays and novels. His most well-known work is Nearly Departed, the story of a con artist who - while masquerading as a paranormal investigator - encounters a real ghost. (Hilarity ensues.) He is a frequent contributor on both Reddit and Sondry, where his fantastical retellings of mundane events, short-form fiction, and spontaneous satire have made him one of the more recognizable names on both sites.

There is no currently existing evidence to refute Max's claims of immortality, insofar as he is not yet dead.

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