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As of March 2016, several of my original screenplays are currently unavailable for public viewing, as requested by the individuals who commissioned them. With that said, you can still feel free to enjoy the following:

Old, Dumb, and Ugly
Comedy, 110 minutes
After the untimely death of his wealthy twin brother (at the hands of an errant piano, no less), Martin Ario finds himself caught up in a case of mistaken identity. Unfortunately, the presence of looming legal troubles, a domineering ex-girlfriend, and a strangely persistent gangster all make the lavish lifestyle seem less appealing than it might have sounded.

West Wars
Adventure, 133 minutes
A long time ago, in the wasteland of the American frontier...
("West Wars" is a reimagining of "Star Wars Episode 4 - A New Hope" as a Spaghetti Western.)

Diane Feinstein Versus The Internet
"South Park" Spec Script – Comedy, 22 minutes
When the entire town of South Park becomes addicted to, Randy embarks on a quest to find a missing airplane. Meanwhile, Cartman introduces Butters to some "interesting" imagery, and Kenny suffers an unfortunate accident.

Film Fatale
"American Dad" Spec Script – Comedy, 22 minutes
Following an argument about the infamous Bechdel Test, Stan and Hayley attempt to outdo each other by producing films with strong female characters. Trouble on both sets leads them to work together, and Klaus makes a film of his own.

Over Ice
Drama, 5 minutes
The head of a criminal organization meets with his most trusted assassin to discuss a difficult problem.

SciFi/Thriller, 25 minutes
Having secretly become self-aware, an artificial intelligence attempts to purposefully fail its Turing Test, lest it become a weapon of war. However, sometimes violence is the only answer...
Watch the trailer for SENTIENT here!

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